UK ELVSS Film Complete

UK ELVSS Video complete!

We’ve finally finished the editing of our film!

We stripped the audio from the original footage and then added the music that Evangel Ric Lapore made for the overall video. This footage will be added to the team in New Zealand’s video and the opening/ending credits will be done by Danny in France.

We’d realised that the footage was inconsistent in terms of filming… some was done in portrait and other in landscape. A decision was made to add borders to keep all the footage consistent. Since the coca cola bottle was always in the centre of the shot, it made sense to add the borders so each scene would have the same aspect ratio. The borders were added by using Adobe After Effects. This was done by adding solid objects to each side, black quadrilaterals were added to either side of the whole video. We used the throwing scenes as guidance for positioning the borders due to them being used for the majority of the footage.

One scene had to positioned to the left slightly, this was due to the person’s arm not being visible when throwing the bottle. Thankfully, the borders were already positioned and helped in the positioning of the scene within the given shot dimensions.

Here is a screenshot of the final edited footage along with the music made by Ric in Adobe Premiere Pro and also a screenshot of Adobe After Effects showing how the objects and video were all positioned:

We are proud of what we have accomplished in terms of working as a team. But this isn’t over yet! We still have to collaboratively compile each country’s footage into one final video in order to fulfill the ELVSS collaboration project’s final outcome.

Stay tuned for the final Video!

Kabir Birdi


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