UK Draft Video

Today a trio of us (Nick, Jon and myself) decided to edit the UK section of the video for our ELVSS video collaboration project. This was done within the Media City facilities on our Salford Quays campus.

We decided to edit it a rough version now and then edit accordingly after receiving feedback from the rest of the group. We began searching through the rushes within Dropbox and compiled all of the UK team’s footage into one folder. After doing this we started to edit and combine the sections of footage in order to tell our story of this coke bottle travelling around the world and by the end, become recycled; since our theme is on sustainability.

Whilst editing, decisions were made in where each section of footage shall be placed and such. A scenario came up where we were in the “throwing and catching” footage  sequence  and had decided to do a last minute re-shoot of a piece of footage so that the well known landmark could be seen whilst the catch and throw was taking place. Another dilemma we hit, was whether we should include the BBC building within our footage as a landmark of the UK or not. This shall be discussed and rectified after receiving feedback from the other members within our group.

We have used Adobe Premiere Pro for our footage editing purposes as we are most efficient in using this piece of software. Screenshots can be seen below of the editing window.

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 1

This is all we can tell you so far… But keep looking out for more updates on the progress of our vidoe!

Kabir Birdi


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